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 D65 Next Level Baseball is dedicated to help and support young athletes improve their athletic skills, using the experience of its Head Coach Former Major League Baseball player Adrian D65 Hernandez, who played for the New York Yankees and  Milwaukee Brewers, These efforts are designed and aimed to promote, implement, develop, strengthen and improve the athlete on the field and outside it, belonging to high schools and local communities that do not have sufficient financial resources for their sports programs.


D65 Next Level Baseball believes that all athletes deserve the opportunity to develop their skills in Baseball.


Adrian “D65” Hernandez started his professional baseball career at 18, where he began playing for the Cuban National team. While playing for “Los Industriales”, he helped the team win two National Championships. He later played  for the New York Yankees and  Milwaukee Brewers activities are adding value to the organization.





In 1999 “D65” still had his dream of playing Major League Baseball. His pitching skills and athletic ability were at their peak, and he decided to pursue his dream aggressively. At the end of the Cuba’s baseball season of 2000 he visited Guatemala for 3 months where he met with the New York Yankees and signed a deal for four years.

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